Staffing services for all personnel needs.

Seldat Staffing is positioned to provide clients with strategic staffing solutions to keep business operations running smoothly. With a customized approach, we can arrange for direct hire, temp-to-hire, and temporary employees at competitive rates.

Vendor on Premise Program

Looking for a partner to become your primary vendor for Temporary and Temp-to-hire staffing needs? Seldat Staffing can form an on-site strategic partnership with our preferred clients. We will establish a base of operations at your location to structure a staffing program determined by your needs and requirements.

Multiple vacancies can often tax your employees with extra demands while recruitment, hiring, and onboarding needs are addressed. Seldat Staffing’s Vendor on Premise Program (VoPP) can provide the managerial resources you need at a significant cost savings versus hiring a full time resource.

Seldat Staffing can provide an on-site Account Manager to deliver qualified Temporary and Temp-to-hire professionals to cover all your workforce needs. The Account Manager will be a full-time Seldat Staffing employee, but they will work out of your facility. The days of using internal resources to source and screen candidates are over. Let your staff focus on their work, we’ll take care of your staffing.


Hands-on recruiting,
selection of qualified
Evaluating needs and
establishing criteria to fill
open orders in an effective
and timely manner
Orientation, onboarding,
and management guidance
for the workforce with
HR support
Exceptional customer
service to candidates,
field employees, and
client companies
Demonstrate and instill core
values, principles, and service
differentiators to the entire
workforce to make the
organization stronger

We provide a responsive and effective process to establish, acquire, and manage your on-site contingent workforce program. Our expertise and skill set will help streamline the recruitment process, reduce hiring costs, and attract qualified candidates who can get the job done. With our Vendor on Premise Program, Seldat Staffing can maximize its effectiveness by being completely in tune with your operating environment and positioned to rapidly adjust to the changing requirements on a day-to-day basis.

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Direct Hire

As your business grows, it is important to recruit employees that best fit the needs and long-term goals of your business. Seldat Staffing has the knowledge and expertise to deliver reliable employees. Our direct hire solutions will ease the burden of finding the right people for the job, so you can focus your resources on mission-critical tasks.


By actively recruiting candidates in a temporary capacity, Seldat Staffing can find you the best talent in the business, while minimizing risks. As you expand your workforce, our flexible temp-to-hire solutions can evaluate personnel to ensure they are the best fit for your company, before you make a permanent hiring decision.

Temporary Hire

At Seldat Staffing, we can provide you with immediate staffing solutions whenever you may need it. Leveraging our temporary hire services can help you maintain productivity, and reduce the time and costs associated with managing full-time employees.

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If you are seeking business growth and variable workloads, then you need experienced professionals who can jump right in and help from day one. When you partner with Seldat, your business can stay ahead of the curve while we arrange for the best direct hire, temp-to-hire, and temporary personnel.

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